Left To Their Own Devices?

Based on the book by Katharine Hill, Left to Their Own Devices? is a one-session, group resource to allow parents to gain an understanding of the online world that their children inhabit. It addresses challenges and provides an opportunity for parents to share their own experiences and ideas while giving them practical tips on how to be a great parent in a world of screens.

  • We’ll explore the impact of the digital world on teenagers and younger children

  • Give practical advice on screen time, social media and consumer culture

  • Tackle some of the more serious issues such as online bullying, grooming and pornography

This is a free course running for just 90 minutes, we really encourage all parents in the church to book on and come along to this event! We want as many people to be able to make it as possible which is why we are running the same session twice! Use the links below to book on.

Thursday 31st March 2022


Sunday 27th March 2022


*This session will include the showing of a children's film and some of the team will supervise them so you don't have to arrange childcare.