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Quiet Time Resources

“Quiet times” are dedicated times each day set aside to connect with God — to adore Him, to behold Him, to hear what He has to say to us through scripture, and to respond in prayer as God renews and transforms us.

Our goal as Christians is not just to know about God, but actually to know Him as one person knows another. He is our Father, our Friend, our Comforter, our Guide, and our Lord.

Knowing Him in this way, talking with Him in this way, calls for responses of joy, of worship, of repentance and sorrow, of hope and expectation. Knowing and loving God—that’s what quiet times are about.

a guide to quiet times:
(1) what is a quiet time?
(2) meditation & prayer
(3) a daily rhythm
(4) more ideas & resources
(5) family devotion resources

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