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We are so excited to welcome people back for live services on Sunday morning. From Sunday 27th September we are meeting both in-person and online. We will need to 'book on' to attend services, we are committed to making our service 'Covid secure', for more information about our Sunday services see below.


our Sunday services

the 9:30

Sunday worship service

Our 9:30 service will be our regular Sunday worship service. We’ll have music videos of our usual worship songs played through our audio system rather than live singing.  As usual there will be readings and prayer and teaching from God’s word. We’re hoping this service will appeal to adults in both content and style, there won’t be any children’s work provided.

the 11:00

All-age service

Our 11am service will be an all age family service.  As with the earlier service we’ll have music videos of our usual worship songs but in addition there will be some more child-friendly items.  We hope that people will feel free to join in some of the actions and the songs will probably be louder than we’re used to!  Again, as with the earlier service there will be readings and prayer and teaching from God’s word and we’re hoping that this service will feed children and adults alike with God’s truth.  Families attending will be seated together and children will need to stay with their parents throughout the service.

the 18:00

online evening service

Our 6pm Sunday Evening Service will still be on Zoom (live in person for youth and twenties), with clear teaching from the Bible. The service will last for approximately 45 minutes and there is an opportunity afterwards to submit your questions to a live panel. There will be no need to book on if you are watching on Zoom but if you are in the Youth and Twenties age bracket we would love for you to come along to the building to watch the service, if that is the case then please do book on. 

sunday resources

Journey to the Promised Land- Blast Kids

Morning service Faq's

Is my song guranteed to be uploaded?

YES! Your song will be uploaded to the channel of your choice once payment has been made.

How long does it take for a song to go live on a channel?

Once payment has been made and your song has been submitted to us, It usually takes around 3-5 days for your song to go live on the channel(s).

I want my song uploaded at a specific date. Can you work with me?

Yes, just send us an email and tell us the exact date you'd like us to upload your song. Please make sure you submit your song in advance, at least a week before your release date.

If you would like to know all the essential information about coming back to church, please click here


the 9:30

Regular Worship Service

the 11:00

All-age Family Service

the 18:00

Evening Service (Zoom)


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