45 minutes of fun on zoom every Friday for children aged 4-10. We play games, have a short talk, take part in exciting challenges against the leaders and earn stars which equal prizes!

Zoom can be a challenge, but we make sure to have the children up and about, involved in the talks and using up some of their energy!
This term we are finding out about different people Jesus ate meals with.

To book on and get the link, click the 'book on' link below...



Whilst our Sunday Services are online and Blast groups aren't meeting in person, videos for blast groups are still being produced each week with content, games and activities for young people to watch instead of the main service. To get the link to watch the videos, email the address below...

Half -Term Activities

Scavenger Hunt

Grab your binoculars and follow the map of clues to find the prize! This week we have a scavenger hunt starting from our church building and taking you on a short loop around the local area, through the park, and back to where you started. Why not make your daily exercise a great time for the whole family?!

This trail is accessible to all ages as we have three clue sheets, depending on the age of your children (2-4, 4-6, 7-11). The cost is £1 per child. Once you have donated using the PayPal link, click the 'I've donated' button and you'll be able to find the documents. These can be printed for you and left at the church to pick up, if required. The map also indicates the area where the next clue is, so you're not hunting for too long!

All proceeds from this event will help our BLAST Kids sponsored children, Sarita & Boase. Sarita lives in El Salvador, and Boase in Rwanda. Both have had their needs amplified by the Coronavirus pandemic, and we would love to keep supporting them financially. If you feel that you would like to donate more than £1, then we would be extremely grateful.'

More activities coming soon... 


Scavenger Hunt Documents

Here are all the resources you need to complete the 'Half-Term Scavenger Hunt'. If you don't have access to a printer, please get in contact via and we'll happily print them out for you to pick up!

Enjoy exploring!

Scavenger Hunt Map

2-4's Activity Sheet

4-6's Activity Sheet

7-11's Activity Sheet