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The Twenties Group at Oakhall Church seeks to be a community of young adults who share life together, enjoy crazy adventures, support one another and keep Jesus at the centre.


We're a group of flawed, vaguely normal, but pretty friendly people (at least, we think so!) Even if you feel like your still searching or sceptical when it comes to faith - you're so welcome at any event that's happening here!

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Starting Monday 19th June

What if, at the heart of Christianity, was not just good news, but the best news you’ve ever heard?! Alpha is an introduction to the Christian faith, a four-week series giving you the space to ask honest questions and discuss the significance of Jesus Christ.


We start together with a delicious meal and the evening has a really relaxed and friendly vibe. Sign up using the link below.


Saturday 27th June

Based on the hit Channel 4 TV show, it's your chance to evade the Hunters and reach an undisclosed extraction point. Get a Team together, or book on individually and get connected with a team. Starting at 12pm till 5pm with the option of food at the end.

You think it's easy?! Prove it.

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