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Morning Service



Evening Service


Morning Service


Our Morning Service is at 10:30am each Sunday where we get to hear the Bible opened and explained, there are times of prayer and sung worship together. There will be children's work provided from ages 0-14 during the service, and refreshments will be served afterwards.


If you can't make it in person, you can tune in via our live stream (links at the top of this page). The service runs for approximately 75 minutes.

Evening Service


Our Evening Service has a more relaxed café style sitting around tables. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee as you come in. The service runs for approximately 60 minutes. First, we have a time of worship led by our music team on stage. 


Second, we have a time where a section of the Bible is read and someone then explains what it means and what is means for us today in two 8-10 minute sections with time for discussion in between.


Our final section is a time of response to reflect on what we've heard, sung, and talked about during the evening. Most weeks we will share the breaking of bread together (communion).


What to expect?


If you're travelling by car, there's plenty of parking in our car park behind the building.

As you arrive, you'll be greeted by someone on our Welcome Team who will say 'Hi' and be available to answer any questions.

Teas and coffees are served before and after the service, feel free to help yourself when you arrive.

During the service, there are times of singing led by a live band on stage. 

Young people stay in the main hall at the start of the service but have the option of heading out mid-way through to groups for their specific ages. There's a creché available to use as well.

The main part of our service is when we read a section of the Bible. Someone will then explain that section to us and what it means for us today.

Afterwards, you're more than welcome to stay around, we'd love to say hello! Whether this is your first or five-hundredth visit to church, we hope you feel welcome here!

What to expect?


During our services, we sing a range of traditional and modern songs that help us worship together. If you're new to Oakhall and want to know the songs we sing regularly, click the Spotify link below.

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