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Jesus is the best news we could ever hear. You might be thinking, how can a person be good news? Jesus is the answer to all life's questions, the remedy to all sickness, the freedom from all addiction and the salvation for all people. 

Sounds interesting? Get in touch! We would love to chat further. 

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Friday | 18:45-20:00

Focus is a group of young people who are in school years 6-9. There is normally lots of high octane activities, games and sports. As well as a chance to chill with crafts or hang out around the table tennis table. We spend our time learning more about Jesus and the chance we have to know him for ourselves.


Friday | 20:15-22:00

Destination is our older youth group here at Oakhall Church for those who are in yr 10-13. We know that going through GCSE's and A levels is a tough time in life and we want to provide a space where its possible to switch off on a Friday night. We are usually serving up some food or drink so come along and hang out. We get to look at the person who brings rest and relief from all of life's burdens: Jesus! 

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Connect Groups.

Wednesday | 18:45-19:45

There are two midweek groups that meet on a Wednesday for a weekly Bible study meeting in person. This is a time to dive further into God's word in a smaller group and discuss how it applies to us! It's a great space to bring any questions and to share life with one another.

After Hours

Sunday | 18:00-20:30

After Hours is a big group that consists of those who are in year 7 to year 13 we will be gathering for the 18:00 Service at Oakhall Church and then making the trip up the road to sit in a living room, spend time in prayer and discussion, eat some snacks and play a few games too. We hope you can join us there! 

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After Hours

Summer Events 2023

**If an event has the 'Book on' button underneath it then you will need to book on for this event so we know you are coming, if an event does not have this then just turn up!**


Walking for Tea

Monday 31st July | 18:00-21:00

3 courses, 3 houses, 3 hours. At each location we will eat a course of a meal! 

Click below to book on so we know how many people are coming. 


Games Night

Thursday 3rd August | 19:00-21:00

Come and join us for an evening of board and card games, invite your friends. Bring your own games that you would like to play.


Scavenger Hunt

Friday 11th August | 19:00-21:00

Love completing challenges under pressure? enjoy racing around to achieve a great prize? This scavenger hunt will be for you!


Beach Trip

Thursday 17th August | 17:30-22:00

We are heading to Brighton for beach games and fish & chips and you are invited! Please do book on below so we know you are coming! 


Games Night

Thursday 31st August | 19:00-21:00

Come and join us for an evening of board and card games, invite your friends. Bring your own games that you would like to play.


Nerf Battle

Friday 8th September | 19:00-21:00

Want a nerf rematch from last year? Look no further, bring your nerf guns and your friends along!

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